Nowadays, Almost parts of the world hotels and resorts offer one of the most exciting and investment opportunities. Hotel company are wishing to expand their new markets, or a private equity firm looking to invest where maximize revenue will be generate. Acquisition & Investment Services can help you identify the most promising hotel assets and investment destinations

Due Diligence to Support Transactions

The acquisition and disposal of a hotel is more than a one-dimensional transaction in real-estate, with due diligence being a very important part of the process. Hotels are dynamic going concerns, often with varied and complex operations, and the industry in which they carry on their business is highly cyclical.

Many transactions paper looks great but doesn’t turn out so well. This will enhance better understanding of the business target. This will helps to save money, or of negotiating and structuring a deal which will likely to achieve its objectives.  

An acquirer’s first line of defense is quality due diligence in the early stages of a contract negotiation, alongside the process of working through representations and warranties. 

Our team is great on the specialists sector which is uniquely positioned to act as a partner in diligence process. We offer value-adding approach that looks beyond the Investment Memorandum and generic assessment to uncover the unavailable and hidden information. This allows making an effective evaluation of the deal, to ensure that it resonates with your long-term goals and your strategic plan.

When buying or selling, our team will help you to understand better on the relevant issues as well as develop vision for asset. This is help to earn maximization of the transaction’s value, drawing on the team of industry experiences, especially our background in evaluating and developing turnaround plans for distressed hotels and resorts after assets are acquired.

Our advice covers these key areas, such as the financial, legal, labour, tax, IT, property, operational and market situation of the hotel, resort or group.

Identification of Acquisition & Development Opportunities

It was  launched its new division, Hotel Acquisition Services, early in 2016 with a view to identifying and advising on acquisition and investment opportunities for our clients who range from high net worth individuals and family offices to large property funds. We can source a wide variety of assets such as operating city-centre hotels, serviced apartments, development opportunities as well as hotel portfolios and mixed-use developments across the World.


Through we have extensive network and experience in this industry, our team identifies the best investment opportunities available on market as well as off market. All sources are deliverable and can carry out due to diligence which helps uncover any potential issues with the asset.