Indian Desserts Made In House At Bawarchi

Bawarchi is a place to enjoy the best Mughlai and Nawab cuisine which not only is limited to main course dishes such as biryani and tandoori dishes but also has to offer decadent desserts to make your meal complete.

Bawarchi is one of the oldest restaurants in Nepal to offer the best Mughlai Indian cuisine. Located at the scenic and aesthetically designed Baber Mahal Revisited complex, Bawarchi is a restaurant that specializes in kebabs, tandoori dishes, biryani, and Kathi rolls. Authentic taste and presentation have always been uncompromisable factors for Bawarchi.

Bawarchi, apart from specializing in Mughlai and Nawabi dishes, also offers a range of special Indian desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. From Laccha Rabri to Gulab Jamun, there is something for everyone. The majority of the desserts are prepared with heavy use of milk and milk products to stay close to the authentic taste of the desserts. Chef Deepak Singh Saud enjoys bringing the best tasting desserts to the customers and says Laccha Rabri is one of his specialties.

In a short chat with Mr. Raj Karan Shrestha, the owner of the restaurant; he pointed out that instead of having a plethora of desserts on the menu, Bawarchi prefers to have a limited set of perfected ones on the menu. He also mentioned that during summer, Bawarchi offers special Kulfi (Indian ice-cream) as an alternative to beat Kathmandu’s heat.

Laccha Rabri, Phirni and Gajar ka Halwa were the heroes of the day. All three, although having milk as their base ingredient, tasted vastly different and had their distinct preparation methods. Chef Saud explained the careful measurements required for each dessert and their strict preparation techniques adopted by Bawarchi to achieve the decadent and authentic taste of said desserts. Laccha Rabri is specially made out of the cream derived out of the heating and stirring milk at a high temperature which gives it its distinctive rich flavor. Gajar ka Halwa uses carrots, milk, and Khuwa (dried whole milk) as its main ingredients, with right amount of sugar, all stirred to get the perfect texture and flavor.